An Evangelical Culture of Disobedience

Faith Improvised

Attempting to explain evangelical support for President Trump, Brit Hume of Fox News wrote the following:

Hume has rightly identified the deception to which evangelicals have fallen captive: they regard their place in the wider culture in terms of combat. Their twin error is that they imagine that they have human enemies and that they must fight them, which leads them to believe that President Trump is fighting alongside them in the culture war.

This is why I believe that evangelicalism—the culture of evangelicals—is a worldly political culture seduced into adopting anti-Christ political attitudes and practices. It has become a movement oriented by disobedience to the Lord Jesus.

I say this because fighting against enemies is something explicitly forbidden by the Lord of the church. The church’s political orientation is toward enemy-love. Jesus told his disciples to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matt 5:44)…

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