my turn from the trinity

In the Bible, there is no mention of the Trinity. . . . We get to know God, not through our proud philosophical concepts, but through Christ.

Michael Servetus

I’ve known there was a God since I can remember. I had an awareness of God and who Jesus Christ was at the age of three. My dad and I’s thing was to listen to an audio bible for hours on end. I was also be fascinated by preachers at one point asking my dad if I could get an outfit to become a preacher, which confused him until he realized I meant a suit. He would share with me that a suit didn’t make a preacher, but one who believed and trusted God. Something that has been my desire ever since, which is the reason for me writing. 

              Twenty years later, the simplicity of what I understood about God and Jesus Christ and was baptized into would be replaced with confusion of Greek philosophy of the trinity.  The trinity was a “mystery” of how God was one and three at the same time, that church councils would establish as doctrine and many “church father’s” continue.  God was one substance, but three essences, God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy spirit. And even though if you counted it would be three Gods somehow three actually meant one and one meant three.

The Jesus I once understood and believed in was incorrect, because he is actually “fully God and fully man.” And even though the Bible never states this – “it is implied.” I would be taught by trinitarian religious institutions about people who thought differently and were rejected by them as “heretics” and how I should view those as examples of what not to be.  I would eventually accept the trinity as true despite it not being what I believed when I received the spirit and it making no sense to me. My desire of wanting to believe and trust God never changed. So, if this is what “the church has always taught” than, “I must have faith in it”, even if it didn’t make logical sense. Belief in the illogicalness or mystery of the trinity is seen as a marker of faith in communities that teach it.

              One day, I was instructed to teach the trinity to a group. I rehearsed the script I was taught and started teaching,  “God is one, but also three” and at that moment I heard myself and knew. I knew I was teaching something that I didn’t believe and even more egregious something I deep down understood was incorrect. I almost chose to teach something I knew wasn’t true, for the simple fact of going along. Thankfully, I was stopped and did not continue. 

              This experience propelled me to revisit everything I was taught by the trinitarian religious institution in comparison of what the Bible states. I started to see verses that clearly taught there was One true God and that Jesus was not that. I saw that Jesus didn’t think he was the eternal God and didn’t teach the trinity. And none of his disciples believed it or taught it. I saw translators imposing their trinitarian biases into the writings in the Bible. This was a crime scene, a great forgery had taken place!

I became like detective Columbo and searched the history of the of the trinity and to see when it originated. Hundreds of years after Jesus!? I was shocked, and to see that these church councils were filled with corruption, abuse of power, and much bloodshed. I saw that these “church father’s” of Luther, Calvin, and Augustine who were supposed to be held in high regard were greatly mistaken in their understanding of God and Jesus. Many of their teachings though has been adopted by these trinitarian religious institutions in rejection of the teachings of Jesus.  I couldn’t believe it!

I was fully convinced that the teaching of the trinity was not true. I would begin to share with some these discoveries about how the trinitarian religious establishment is in great error and that these “church father’s” weren’t teaching what was right. Well, let’s just say this wasn’t received with the same enthusiasm and excitement that I had for it. I would be told that I was being “arrogant” and if I really thought I was right and “all these other’s were wrong?” Yes, was my answers to this and it isn’t me that’s right, it is what is right that is right. What is right does not discriminate! I would be told that I’m not following “spiritual authorities which God has placed in my life” and that “my heart has hardened.” Whelp, because we said so and there are others who say the same thing, so that means it’s true, just isn’t me. I want what is true.

Unfortunately, many of the religious institutions that teach the trinity are set up that the discovery of one’s rejection of its teaching and disbelief in the trinity will exclude them from participation and label them as a heretic. Well, If the truth means being excluded and labeled by certain communities then so be it, that won’t be anything new. We can call that just a Wednesday in America for me!

            In closing,  I have turned from this man made philosophical tradition and believe what Yeshua taught and proclaimed and will trust and follow suit. His God and Father is the only God and Yeshua is the man whom God has sent. In short, Jesus is just not the eternal God.

“Jesus son of the Eternal God, have mercy on me.”

Michael Servetus as he was sentenced to death by burning for denying the trinity.. With John Calvin and other’s supporting this!
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